Rainee Denham is the founder of The Resistance Theater.

‚Äč"I always want to connect with the audience.  I love to hear them, and feel their energy; they inspire and fuel me. Inspired by the free spirit and creativity of immersive and physical theater, I'm doing work that confronts the frailties in our DNA, celebrates the strength of liberating all voices, and shows that creativity is boundless when heightened in an immersive environment."

We look forward to bringing The Resistance to you in 2019!

Flight cannot happen without resistance.  It is one of the vital forces that allows lift & movement forward.  

The Resistance Theater is an independent, imaginative group of theater artists who speak our truth to allow stories to fly beyond the confines of the typical theater setting. Our theatrical choices give audiences an intense, intimate experience.  We immerse them in the play, giving an unequaled power to feel the work, and connect. Human interaction intensifies the theatrical experience for a highly entertaining and memorable indulgement. 


Every person has a story, and we are mirrors that reflect these people, their stories, their worlds.  We take a stand. Join ourrebellionof courageous theater.

The Resistance Theater is currently planning our 2020 season. Our evenings of high intensity, edgy work are by leading and emerging directors & actors in plays by established and unheard playwrights.  We provide the platformto let artistic people speak what is on their minds, and what needs to be heard.  And the audience is in on it.